2016: A Safe Space for Shameless Presidential Candidates

2016: A Safe Space for Shameless Presidential Candidates

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Clinton and Trump’s attacks against each other are riddled with hypocrisy and irony.

2016-05-25 12:03:48


2016-05-25 12:06:42

. Politics is downstream from culture & the culture has been "Kardashianed" Merit has been eclipsed by celebrity. Sad!

2016-05-25 12:07:26


2016-05-25 12:07:54

Lots of irony, hypocrisy on both sides, that's for sure. Jokes welcome!

2016-05-25 12:08:29

You know all about shame Mandy. #cruzsexscandal You killed daddy's chances. #AlwaysTrump #trumpTrain #cruzcrew #maga

2016-05-25 12:09:28


2016-05-25 12:10:54

As an Independent, this election cycle causes me great pain. The best candidate (IMHO) was too much of a gentleman.

2016-05-25 12:11:20

Amanda the SJW at it again. Mr Trump has time & again hired great woman, more than you have ever hired.

2016-05-25 12:12:24

Doesn't mean VRWC wasn't a fact

2016-05-25 12:12:49

The Hypocrisy is then covered over with outright lies, which in Trumps case are then told as truths by all his surrogates.

2016-05-25 12:13:31

Rafael took most of Mr Trump's campaign talking pts & tried to make them his. He's the shameless one...

2016-05-25 12:13:48

Bill and Hillary are easily the worst misogynists in US history.

2016-05-25 12:14:23


2016-05-25 12:14:54

you, and as usual the "conservatives" lost at the ballot box. Suck it up and live to fight another day, like in 8 yrs.

2016-05-25 12:18:09

excuse me, we're not idiot's. Rafael acted hypocritical, we knew it and he lost. 4 ur mental health, accept it.

2016-05-25 12:19:03

so what conspiracy are you specifically writing about?

2016-05-25 12:19:17

I love code .... VRWC ..... Took a while for that to sink in.

2016-05-25 12:24:23

Amanda, Hillary has destroyed herself especially staying with a CHEATER!

2016-05-25 12:25:58

so much bitterness lol

2016-05-25 12:26:42

. Cruz lost. Get over it.

2016-05-25 12:27:46

Over 300M people in this amazing country. These two are the best we can do? #SMDH

2016-05-25 12:29:20

. and he will, brutally, and it will be glorious

2016-05-25 12:30:59

Why is she working for you,ohh yes because you can say your a fair and balanced she is republican when she is not

2016-05-25 12:34:43

sorry but it's so painfully obvious reading ur article how Rafael losing has left your logic skewed, such sour grapes

2016-05-25 12:39:13

All the hypocrisy? Do you not see the irony in YOU saying this? Hypocrite you are to the nth degree.

2016-05-25 12:42:06

better write jokes about your ..affair with daddy hmm

2016-05-25 12:52:11

it would be interesting to see if Melania Knauss-Trump family (dad) has direct ties to Putin. Speaking of conspiracies.

2016-05-25 12:54:32

she started dating him when he was thinking of running last time. Maybe she is a spy? Haha. Couldn't get crazier

2016-05-25 13:09:02

Sup dummy. #cruzsexscandal #sex #condoms #cheapmotels

2016-05-25 14:28:39

The Trump article streak continues. What are you going to write about if Trump loses, Blondie?

2016-05-25 14:38:06

You could "Face Swap" them and still you wouldn't be able to tell who is who.

2016-05-25 16:23:51

hmmmm, where's her candidate?

2016-05-25 18:08:59

This is toooooo booorrriiing, constant attacks, i know more about Trump now than ever. WE'RE LEANING NOTHING.

2016-05-25 18:34:35

"deals with the mob" not this bullshit again

2016-05-25 19:03:18

conflicted after reading. Should I laugh or cry?

2016-05-25 19:05:46

did you actually read the article? Sounds like written by someone in a insane asylum or sour grapes

2016-05-25 19:22:28

amanda home wrecker cruz back on .... #WhosYourDaddy

2016-05-25 22:02:36

#DaddyCruz lost, you need to accept that once and for all. Which candidate are you going to vote for? #AmandaForHillary

2016-05-25 22:31:46

What really happen was you would have had to start with yourself...lol

2016-05-30 06:58:55

good article but you forgot one very important point. The people voted and all the "normal" candidates are out.

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